Christina Diaz Gonzalez

Professional Bio

Christina Diaz Gonzalez is the Edgar® award-winning and best-selling author of several novels including The Red Umbrella, A Thunderous Whisper, Moving Target, Concealed, Invisible: A Graphic Novel, and The Bluest Sky. Her books have received numerous awards and have also been designated as an American Library Association’s Best Fiction for Young Adults selection, a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People, a Junior Library Guild Gold Selection, and as an International Reading Association’s Teachers’ Choice book. Christina currently lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, sons, and a dog that can open doors.

Personal Bio

I grew up in a very small Southern town in the Florida panhandle where I was the only Spanish-speaking kid around. My parents are Cuban and they had decided to teach me Spanish first (I quickly learned English when I started school, but Spanish was still spoken at home) and I developed a deep love for both my Cuban roots and my Southern hometown. It was a wonderful childhood filled with memories of riding my bike with friends and reading books up in my treehouse. It was during this time that I secretly dreamed of one day having my own stories published, but I’d never met an author and it didn’t seem like it was something people like me actually did… so I tried other things.

Eventually I became a lawyer (lots of reading and writing required… just not the fun kind I had done up in my treehouse) and started a family of my own in Miami.

It was my sons who ended up inspiring me to pursue my dream of becoming a writer because their love of books reminded me of my own love for stories.  So, with the support of my parents, sister, husband, sons, and large extended family I began to pursue that passion for writing. Now, over a decade later, I am able to share my books with readers all over the world!

Some of the foreign editions of my books

Some of the foreign editions of my books